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Let's talk about all the great details of how this amazing website is built and the technology behind it.

Technologies & Frameworks

This website is built on SvelteKit using TypeScript, TailwindCSS, DaisyUI and bundled all together with Vite. I chose this stack because I really enjoy all of these libraries. They are not only super productive for me but also follow web standards very well.

Web Hosting

I'm hosting this website on Cloudflare Pages. Why did I chose Cloudflare over Vercel? Well it's an easy setup, free and comes with a ton of features built into my already existing Cloudflare account. Once I realized this it was no brainer.

Code, Code & Code?

If you're interested to see all the real behind the scenes magic you can go to this site's Github repository. I make all of the code public for anyone to read and maybe learn..