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I'm chronicling the apps, tools and programming languages that I use often.

Coding Tools

  • Visual Studio Code is my editor I use daily across multiple projects. I've also started trying out Jetbrains Fleet editor.
  • I use Safari as my main browser. I'm loving it's tight integration across Apple devices and of course the privacy features.
  • For REST APIs or dynamic websites I use Laravel and PHP 8+ with some MySQL 8 thrown in.
  • For my pure frontend joys I use SvelteKit with either vanilla CSS or Tailwind & DaisyUI to make everything look nice.
  • For my API testing I really enjoy Postman. It's practically a standard at this point and very easy to use.
  • For the occasional mobile app development my editor is of course Xcode. The Swift language is really a joy to use.

Computer & Devices

  • I work off my 14 inch M1 Macbook Pro. I do not use multiple monitors and opt for the single laptop screen.
  • My daily mobile device is an iPhone 15 Pro with the Blue Titanium finish.
  • For my health tracking needs I wear an Apple Watch Series 9.
  • My streaming box of choice is an Apple TV 4K. I can't beat the ease of use and great app support.